VPC Rotor Counter-Balance Kit

VPC Rotor Counter-Balance Kit

VPC Rotor Counter-Balance Kit

Compact Counter-Balance Kit
Fully Adjustable Force
Compatible with all VPC Rotor TCS Bases
Provides Unparalleled Axis Smoothness and Precision
Easy to Fit

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Take your VPC Rotor Collective Base to the next level! 

After reviewing feedback and working closely with the community, the VIRPIL Controls engineers have developed a compact, highly adjustable solution to provide a counter-balance force on your VPC Rotor Collective. 

By applying a counter-balancing force, the clutch dampers can be tuned less aggressively as they are not solely responsible for holding the Collective's axis position. Resulting in improved axis response, which is smoother and more responsive!


  • VPC Rotor TCS Base
  • VPC Rotor TCS Plus Base
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What's in the Box:


Product Weight (kg): N/A
Product Dimensions (mm): N/A

Compatible with the following grips:

  • VPC WarBRD Grip
  • VPC V.F.X Grip
  • VPC MongoosT-50 Series Grips
  • VPC Constellation ALPHA Series Grips
  • VPC Constelation DELTA
  • Thrustmaster Warthog Grip*
  • Thrustmaster F/A-18C Grip*
  • Thrustmaster Cougar Grip*

Remove the 2 bolts holding the female grip connector in place when attaching TM grips to prevent damage to the connectors. Refer to the user manual for more information.

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